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create meaningful moments, based on interpersonal encounters and experiences in powerful nature

Moment Norway will provide meaningful moments, based on interpersonal encounters and experiences in powerful nature.

We design authentic, high-quality experiences in Northern Norway for companies and individuals from all over the world. In order to meet our customer’s needs, we design tours, programs and events in collaboration with the customer, and together we create unforgettable moments.

Our goal is to provide our guests with authentic and unforgettable experiences. We do this by specifically emphasizing personality and authenticity when we design experiences. By focusing on creating bonds between the guest and the local enthusiasts on site, we are creating a different and unique way to experience. Moreover, with nature as our playground, we engage our guests to take an active part in the local culture through interaction and participation.

To inspire and help you, the customer, to choose a style for your adventures, we have divided our products into four categories. We create moments for the playful, moments for those who want relaxation, moments for those who want to challenge their creative side, and moments for those who want a little of everything. In addition, we aim to offer options focused on health and fitness.

Playful moments are for the frisky, the ones eager to challenge themselves, or to learn something new, the ones who want to push boundaries or feel the adrenaline pumping. Come along on a small or big adventure of outdoor activities.

Calming moments are for those wanting relaxation with pampering, and finding solace off the the beaten track. Lower your shoulders exhale and enjoy the good life with delicious food combined with beautiful scenery.

Creative moments are for those who are looking for something different, those looking for a creative boost, or wanting to think outside the box when arranging an event. We take you far out of the box and give the experience a unique and extraordinary dispute.

Healthy moments are our own concept of retreats. Healthy diet, activity, nature and own free space are key factors when we, together with our team of experts, develop solutions for those who need to get away from a stressful day, those who needs new energy, training or rehabilitation.

Tasty moments are part of all our experiences. We believe that good food and drink is an important part of the experience, and focus on tradition and the use of local ingredients.

Duration and prices are not defined as the examples under each product category illustrates just a selection of what we can offer.



Ice Park
The country's largest lake on an island, covered by thick ice for several months each year, offers endless possibilities for playful moments! Test your driving skills in the ice rally track, compete in ice skating or train with the local hockey team, create ice sculptures, dine in heated tipis or watch an outdoor movie.
Build an Ice Hotel
An amazing construction built up from scratch, every single year, before it four months later melts away again. How would you like to help the locals build an ice hotel? It is a masterpiece of invention and simplicity, and brings the guests tightly together with the local people. Share stories while you work, so that you both will learn about each other’s cultures. We construct our own ice sculptures and get our innermost creativity engaged. Let your employees take the challenge to build their own ice room with the interior reflecting the essence of the company. An activity that connects people in a magical way, both by having to be innovative and by blending with the locals.
Dogsledding Adventure
Dating as far back as the 10th century, the huskies have contributed to human culture. For over thousand years we have used dog power to travel through snow covered landscapes. You will learn to take care of your own team of huskies, trained by play and fun, and carefully put together as a team in order to best fit each other. Experience how the cold Arctic air makes you feel alive while almost floating over the snow with the dogs, alongside majestic mountains and across frozen lakes. Local delights and stories around the crackling bonfire will set the right mood, as we create a magical evening in the far north.
Snow amphitheatre
A small pathway leads you through the otherwise untouched snow and into the dark and unknown. The sound of a children’s choir is getting closer. Suddenly an amphitheatre built in snow appears. Seats carved out of the snow, with comfortable reindeer skins to keep your bum warm. A film starts showing on the snow canvas. Is it the launching of your newest product, or maybe the celebration of your father’s 60th birthday? You decide.
Ski to Sea
From sea to summit to sea again – with skis on! You don’t need to be an expert to ski in Northern Norway. We have experts to teach you how to manoeuvre in mountains without ski lifts, to guide you to the most spectacular experiences in the world, the most amazing views you can imagine. To stand on top of a mountain and gaze out at the sea, the fjords, the endless ranges of mountains and islands, knowing that the most fun part, the actual skiing, is still remaining.
Live with the Locals
When we visit another country we would like to learn how the locals live and think. We would like to introduce you to the real hosts, the locals themselves, by including you in the local tradition and pride. Share meals in private homes, or stay a night or two. Celebrate the Consitutional Day together, learn how to make Grandma’s famous fish cakes and build a snowman with the children. We promise the most genuine and authentic way to get to know a different culture, to reflect the local «soul» and to support communities which are not spoiled by tourism.
Cycle to Sea
For those who want more than “just” the views, the beautiful nature and the spectacular sceneries – we bring our bikes to the hills and the mountains to add an extra adrenaline touch to the experience. Feel the competitive instinct rise as we shout «ready, set, bike! », or just play along with the tracks, hit some jumps and shred. First cyclist at the finish line gets a reward, (and the others most likely does too)!
Join us at work
Norwegians have been fishing and cultivating for thousands of years. As the cod and herring fisheries are seasonal fisheries along the coast in winter, the Norwegians could easily combine fishery with agriculture and constitute an important economic and nutritional supplement. Join us to work, on a fisherman’s boat, to help fish, clean the fish, make dishes out of today’s catch, or join the farmer to milk the kettle in the morning, feed the pigs and groom the horses. Through active participation, you will learn more about our culture and history.
Peaceful Paddling
Kayaking is easy and puts us in contact with the elements. We experience the closeness to water, the silence of just listening to the paddle rippling the water, the wind forcing us to focus on balancing the boat, enjoying small bays, islands and the view towards land. Watching eagles and fish close-by is just a natural part of the experience. We make our own fire on a small island and prepare our outdoor meal, which tastes just amazingly good however simple it may be. The best talks and sharing happen around a fireplace or we’ll just let the silence make us feel one with nature.
Happy Hunting
We are equally excited about it every time – the start of the hunting season. Grouse, hare or moose, you choose! Along with local hunters we trudge our way through breath-taking scenery in search of the season’s first hit. Camp in hunter’s cabins, bring tents to camp on a spot of your own choice, or travel between the islands by boat. Bring back a hare or a grouse to the chef and he’ll prepare a meal to remember!
Gather the Animals
Animals like sheep and reindeer are running free in the Norwegian mountains from spring and throughout the summer, but in September they have to be brought back in due time for winter. There is no better way to test creativity and cooperation than helping the locals bring the herd back from the mountains. We go together as teams, and have to find a creative way to gather the animals and then move them as a flock to the farm. A day in nature like that makes us move in different ways over uneven terrain and force us to work together in new ways.
Recreational Dogsledding
We harness our own team of dogs, whilst learning the qualities of the leading dog, and why they will joyfully drag you around for hours. In some international races, these wonderful creatures will go for 1 000 km, without much of a rest. Once taken off, we blend into the endless snow landscape hearing the breath of the dogs and the sound of the sledge. We can let our minds relax and simply be. A stop to prepare a meal around a fireplace on the top of a hill with an amazing view, or spending the night in cabins on the way or a tented camp to make it an even deeper adventure.
Glacier Hiking
A glacier walk is both playful and challenging. Our guides, who are also geologists will teach you about the nature of the glacier and the stories around them. Tied to a rope we venture into the blue ice and can either have an easy tour or climb into crevasses. A glacier walk is a metaphor for communication and team spirit, as we have to watch out for each other and communicate what is up ahead and otherwise surrounding us.
Create a movie
We introduce you to a different, creative way of working together by using film making as a method. Your journey with us should start as early as possible, sometimes even before you’ve left home. You and your co-workers will receive the manuscript a couple of days prior to your departure. We want you to start the creative process as early as possible, enabling us to start filming as soon as you arrive. We´ll work with professional film makers, and whether it’s a commercial movie reflecting your company’s vision, a project focusing on team building among employees, or a creative incentive to promote new thinking in the company, you will end up with both a high-quality product and a great experience to bring back home.
Relaxing Spa Boat
Once a fishing boat, now a floating spa with the world’s best view from a sauna. Sit in the sauna with a constantly changing view as we plough through arctic waters; in a wood fired saltwater hot tub on top of the deck scouting for sea eagles, otters, seals and whales; in the Turkish sauna, the Hamam, cleansing your soul; feel the vague rocking of the boat while enjoying a glass of bubbles in the zen lounge. Lower your shoulders, and feel, smell and taste the tranquillity and harmony on board this magical boat. Stay awake all night watching the Northern Lights dance, or the deep red midnight sun that never sets.
Fun & Spa Boat
“Let’s make this boat into a floating playground!” And so they did. Join us for a couple of fun hours in the sauna, hamam (Turkish sauna) and the wooden bathtub, and for the most dary ones, dive into the blue from the gunwale or the 7 meters diving tower. You will  want to stay for longer, so why not spend the night on board in one of the cosy cabins, or join us for a multi-day adventure enjoying tasty gourmet meals, competing over who gets the biggest fish, skiing from summit to sea, or island hopping. The boat might be your moving, spa meeting space with restaurant and bar for a leadership or strategy meeting, or a place where you can simply be together with the ones you care most for.
Ice Sculpting
To stay in front of an ice block with a chisel and other tools and get the task to make a sculpture together in a team, demands being able to "see" something which is not yet there. Sculptors often say they simply free the piece of art from the superfluous material. The satisfaction and engagement of such an activity is enormous and the price of the finished piece is lots of fun to watch.
Yachting Adventures
We are sailing! Most of our adventures can be combined with yachting. Use it as transportation and accommodation, go for a wildlife safari looking for birds, seals and whales, go skiing, biking or hunting on islands inaccessible by car.
In Northern Norway, we often say there are nine months with good skiing conditions, and three months of bad skiing. When the snow  melts in the late spring, the ice on mountain lakes disappears and creates nature’s own self-produced playground for water skiing and jumps with splashing landings. Join us for a day filled with party and play, outdoor DJ, refreshments and loads of fun in the spring sun!
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